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Mei 16, 2011

Monday, 28th March 2011
All began from SMADA Green Scout activity “Tunas Muda”. My vacantion was very fantastic with my scout friend.
14.00 pm in “Sanggar Bhakti Pramuka”, activity briefing by “Kak”Fajar Zawa, he is an alumnus of Green Scout SMADA Ngawi and he whom be the guide and senior during we’ll be there. Quickly, We prepared to went to the Jogjakarta city. Because the time was trapped by The ashar’s time, we pray ashar previously. 15.30 pm we went to Jogjakarta by chartered bus. In the bus we were very happy, can trip together with the name Green scout SMADA. Jogjakarta, i’m coming.
The destinations of our trips are Gajah Mada University (UGM), Dirgantara museum, Cerme cave, Sundak beach, Kukup beach, and the last, Baron beach.
The first destination was Gajah Mada University, we arrived there at a half past eight. We were greeted by the scout of UGM. The first Impressive was the culture of Gajah Mada Universty’s scout’s ceremonial. We sharing with them, and discuss about scout, activity of UGM Scout, and many more. We stay one night there, exactly in the “Gelanggang” university students or UKM (University student Activity Unit ).
Tuesday, 29th March 2011
The beautiful morning in Jogjakarta city, especially in the UGM. I took a bate, and then chat with friends. We sat arround the road while cracked jokes.
After every one was ready. We hunted for breakfast, search the economic canteen and walked arround to went there. We breakfast together with Universty students of UGM. We were there such as University student, because we mingled with them. and after we everyone satisfied. We prepared to went to the second destination, Dirgantara Museum.
We went to Dirgantara Museum at 09.00 am. We can look many aircraft, and many kind of the military plane. Very big, but most of this was the worn out.aircraft.
After we saw the out scenery, we enter to aircraft hangar which the inside contents were many collections about aerospace affairs. We excessively take many picture together especially for the documentation of Green Scout Activity. About 3 hours we were there. And we immediately prepared to went to Cerme cave.
The route to the cerme cave was about 20 km. and at 12 pm we paused our course for prayed Dhuhur. We continued our course to the cerme cave. Finally, at 02.00 pm we arrived in cerme cave for our adventure in the cave. We whould caving in there. The second day in this place was the real of our adventure in the Jogjakarta. We pprepared the equipment which used for caving. Helm, Training pants, bot shoes, and spotlight. Our caving guided by the guide official in there. So, this caving was secure and guarantee for our, especially for the Green Scout woman. We enter this cave. But, some of our cause sensation of spounding, especially for someone who caving was his first experience. We walk together form a line arround cave. We astonished by the stalagmit and stalagtit which very exotic. It was very beautiful view. Although in the inside of cerme cave was dark, we can used our spotlight. We walk must very carefully, because in there we walk in the muddy water. So, we can’t saw the clear course. Any cascade in there, and sometimes we must climb little steep grade. Certainly, it was the best experience for us. Thanks for Cerme cave.
OK, it was enough for caving in Cerme cave. After caving we whould went to the last destinations. Its are Sundak, Kukup, and Baron beach. I think that places was the most beautiful and memorable for us. Very exciting places. And a place which never knowed by us, but i think this Guning Kidul’s beach was more beautiful than BALI. You can believe or not. OK
Sundak beach, kukup and Baron beach were along the coastal line in Gunung Kidul beach. Sundak beach, kukup and Baron beach were near each other. May be, the distance only 1 km from the other. Its are only three of many beach in the Gunung Kidul regency. This beachs are natural, only some people knew it. Because of that, its were the quiet beach and far from the crowded.
OK, back to our vacation. The first beach was Sundak. After Sundak we walk edge of coastal in the Kukup and Baron beach.
The distance from Cerme cave to the Sundak beach was about 40 km. And spend time 2 hours. The track to the gunung kidul was very extreme, with any mountain way. Ascend and descend roadway. Gunung Kidul was the mouuntain regency. Surprisingly, Altough mountain regency, but it regency was very closed by the sea. No wonder, if the Gunung Kidul Beach has many precipice (Rock) beach. And this which make the coastal scenery was so very beautiful.
The first, in the Sundak beach. We arrived there about 17.00pm. immediatelly, we ran quickly to the beach and enjoy this beach view when sunset. The excellent day, meet the natural and beautiful beach. It was the first experience for us. It’s so good.
We spend our night in the coastal area. For the women, they build the dome tent. And for the boy, we sleep in the front shop near the women place. I slep upon both ears. Good night.
Wednesday, 30th March 2011
It was the last day in our trip to Jogjakarta. And this day must be better than yesterday.I woke up with new spirit. So beauty morning, but unhappily the weather of this day rathern’t good . but it’s no problem, it whouldn’t damming our spirit.
We got up at 04.00 am, prayed subuh, and got a move on Kukup coastal. Very assured ambience. Very beautiful sunrise. And quickly, we splash down to the water. Wetting and soused each others. We played water so long until 08.00 am and this beach laughed one out of our breakfast. At 08.30 am we took breakfast with our food stock. Very simple menu without luxurious served. Only cooked rice and “Kering”, a fermented soybean cake with a flavour. But this was a delicious menu, because of our togetherness and the beauty coastal area’s ambience. After took breakfast, we went to second beach which we visited. That is Kukup beach. We must went on in this beach by bus. And it spend only some minutes from Sundak beach, check it out!
We arrived there about 09.00 am. At the moment we went to the coastal area, directly. When we enter this beach, we welcomed by ocean animal’s sanctuary “Penangkaran Binatang Laut”. Altough only a little of its, but it needed appreciatuon from us and the other peoples. That it became exampled for us . Message from me, please save our nature!OK.
We continued our course. When we arrived in edge of beach, Wow, it’s amazing “How was very beutiful beach!“. With a small line in the east, i remember one of the beach in the Bali island, “Tanah Lot”. While it wasn’t identic with Tanah Lot, but this beach very amazing with its atmosphere. The soft sands,and very smooth. We take many picture in there.
We continued our trip to the Baron Beach. We walk in the edge of coastal. In the alongside of beach.Ascended and descend coast duane. Throughout of our course, we enjoyed the great scenery in underneath. Because we walked in the rock beside the coastal. So, we can saw the sea in underneath. Enjoy the beautiful beach comber, and we can enjoyed saw the whitecap.
It was the best scenery than ever. Most beautiful and so amazing. Unrepentant i chose my vacation in there. Make a profit if Green Scout SMADA chose the place for “Tunas Muda” activity in there, and i hope this vacation can be the best experience for all, especially for Green Scout crew.
This place put in my mind of one of recreation place in bali, with the name “Ulu Watu” too. All over against Gunung kidul can born down Bali. And my conclusion, Gunung Kidul was better than Bali, OK. Believe it or not?
Along the way up to Baron beach, This place made me stunned and surprise, Gunung Kidul had a great recreation place. Good job Gunung Kidul.
OK, continued. We walk over the beach line. Above rock and coral reef. It’s the real extraordinary experience. After about 20 minutes, we arrive in Baron Beach. The view In the Baron beach which dominant was cooast dune side “Tebing Pantai”. In the distance, looked nice the mounted coast dune. But this last beach, the water beach was rather dirty. Why? Because in the beside of this beach, there was lower course whick made the water of Baron beach was dirty. No problem guys, this beach unchanged of its excoticless. The baron beach still beautiful place.
In there, we long standing. The longest to enjoy and swam in the Baron beach. So long of time we in there. About 3 hours we enjoy played the water.Until a tragedy come closed to us. Uppps....
OK next. We very satidfied in there, only saturation which can stop us to play water together. Be in one’s glory. Finally we had to take place for our prepared to went home. We took a bath, clear our body from sand beach. My body was so sticky. Require me more to extra cleared my body After my body was clean, we searched a food stall near in this area. We eat together in there. And Quickly, We got prepared to went home in Ngawi.
After every one was ready. We entered bus. And continued our last trip, that is went home.
Oh, three days already fast for me. It’s about time. And the vacations time was up. Very excellent vacantions. With Green Scout crew, we made first beautiful and unforgetable experience. It’s all about togetherness. Without it, this vacantions didn’t mean anything. It’s the real experience and better than in Bali.

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