A Change

Desember 24, 2016

Sometimes writing is like calling out the inspirations from the sky. When you are thinking so difficult to write one or two paragraph, you should try harder to feel deeply in everything you had been around.

It is what I feel now. I am so eager to write so many things on my blog or Tumblr, but I such did not have anything to share. It is not literally I did not have experience here, but it is more about how I can always have the sense in the whole daily of my life.

Actually, I have so many new things here. Now, almost all of my daily activity has been changed since I move. I decided to leave Yogyakarta, to look for new experience and inspirations to the other place. All of this choice is in order to keep my purpose. Yes, I always remember and struggle to continue my master in Japan. And about this choice, I hope it is one of the ways that can bring me to increase my capacity before I am going to study abroad.

Bandung was my destination. I did hope I get many experiences here. I am working on the consultant that has well reputation, especially on water resources field. That is why I intended to look for an experience here. Because My expected master thesis is about water resources field.

In the other hand, it is not only about academical purpose but also I do intend to explore many social-emotional experiences here in which it is my first experience to live in the other city instead of Ngawi and Yogyakarta. It is a kind of that I want to get out of my comfort zone.

Before I have decided to leave Yogyakarta, I had confused about my own choice. I want to learn more about language both of Japanese and even English, but in the other hands, I want to broaden my capacity regarding my field related to my expected thesis. Actually, there are two reasons again which might be creating the tendency between two reasons before, It is about my desire of the independences and the desire to prove my degree of Engineering Bachelor in the practical field. Surely, I did not want to get into a mess to my parent anymore. And... I always believe that as a Bachelor, I have to contribute my knowledge on my nation development, especially in water resources field, as soon as possible after graduation. Thus, I want to give evidence that I can do this.

Finally, let me go through for this ‘new life’ with a new change in this new place. I do not know what will go on in the near future. Nevertheless, I just want to keep my dream and always can appreciate all of my experience here as the positive impact for me. And now, one by one friend I meet. I always hope I can create a positive relationship with them. Start from keenness inviting to goodness!

I believe that I can do the same thing when I have ‘good occasion’ in Yogyakarta to share beneficial thing to other through writing. I think it is the only effective way for me to keep taking every hikmah around me and to be wistful in every process I through here.

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