Going Up and Down

Januari 14, 2017

Evening Twilight in the South Bandung (taken from 4th floor of my workplace)

Allah is always giving the best for us. In every tough time we have, Allah always gives the best ending in which we can learn more about the meaning of our life.
In those time, we might find Allah in a sincere way,  we could be getting so close to Allah, and we could be a grateful person in those moments.

However, it is going on effectively just for a period of time.

We are only a man who have everything imperfectly. Our Iman could be going up and down, always fluctuating depend on the level of Iman we have.

And those moment would be coming, after we have passed something in which Allah give good result on us during our tough time, we would find your yourself 'come back' to the busy day in your workplace, or even find such a happiness time, with all of your friends you have.

In that moment, we might be forgetting how you are passing the tough time and keeping the relationship with Allah. We might be starting to make a distance with Allah again. The relationship with Allah might be not as close as it used to be.

And It is why we should to know. We should to know How our iman is and how to maintain our iman, to get a better relationship with Allah again. It's the best way to keep us istiqomah in the entire of the days in our life.

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