What Kind of Human We Have To Be

Agustus 10, 2017

What did you figure out on what will happen to you in the future? Could you deal with all of those possibilities? Those are the questions that will bring you on the imagery thinking about your life in the future, something that presents what you will be and what kind of human you are.

Everyone can be anything they want, as just a simple manner of the thinking of life. Since they have a control of themselves and circumstances being around them, they would be able to deal with it. Nonetheless, can they deal with their behavior while they don’t know who they are, and don’t know what the reason of their existences is. Understanding who we are and why we are might be one of the most important to do first. Those things can be realizing that we can be anything we want, driving our way to the right path —an admittedly true way consistent with the reason of the human being.
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Are those enough? Then can you figure out that everything on your circumstances has same good deal on what you want? I mean everything can be all of human being and something who have an absolute control of the entire creation, including human themselves. On the other hand, something we want is just a relative belief, on which people can conceive differently, based on their own view. Even does what we want can truly happen —after we can deal with our self and everyone around us, since we all can’t enormously hold of all of our circumstances, such a complex fate we can’t figure it out yet. Human is just a human, not anymore. They can make such a figure that they want, but in reality, life doesn’t look like a drama scene we can set it whatever we want. Life can be too extremely complex than we expected yet. Such complex circumstances that only could be set up by such who have all of the great, God named Allah.  Allah, who has a big deal with all of the human circumstances, even the complex system —universe, is the substance of all of the question we have to answer. If we want to acknowledge all of the reason why we are, we will always backtrack to the name of Allah, again, again, and again. It is the reason why we have to do something to choose our own pathway to the destination that Allah definitely deal with. Thus, we can be anything if Allah gives a blessing to us, by understanding we are a one of the creation of Allah and our existence is only because of Allah's signing.

If we absolutely agree with it. A simple way to define our life could be simply determined. We just have to involve Allah in every decision we have to take. Because of what? Certainly, because we have no more control of the circumstances around us, and we are just a human who is only dealing with ourselves and the people around us, not a fate anymore. Indeed, what will happen to us in the future is turned out to be arranged, well written on the book named lauhul-mahfuz, the preserved tablet in which Allah predestined his creation before Allah had created us. All of our future has been definitely written on that stuff, on which all of our choice has been established billions of years ago, yet we have no other option except dealing with the creator of life.

Hence, while of all our fate has been predestined, the answer of what will happen to us in the future, should be such Allah’s intention of human being. However, it remains a big challenge that most of human more tend to screw up his own life than to follow what Allah’s desire.

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