Conceiving A Way

Desember 03, 2017

People always have a different way of thinking about what their definition of life is, what the purpose of their life is and what the reason of every single doing they have is. As time will pass no matter you aware or not, and how far you deserved on every second of time you have, people just pass it and do whatever they want and pass a billion second since they were born.

As people have a reason of their every effort in their life, all of such thing will be reasonable and can be acceptable by another people, as people have to realize that it is always different among us and people have to focus on their self instead.

After being a number of years old, we should understand our self and find the best practice of how the way of our life is, gaining our purpose. As people have been mature and grown, people will know which way can be chosen or not as they play a kind of trial and error game during their life. It is the logical basis of our behavior about how to learn every single event passed.

However, fact showed that somehow people can be failed in the same way and even they will be likely to be felt again in the same manner. Even though we may say that we are still humankind that there can always be a fault because we cannot be perfect. Even most of us agree with such concept as we always did same to be fault again and again.

On another hand, it sometimes looks funny, and fatuous as we cannot likely be a learner of every fault we experienced, and leaning a same fault in the future days. Every people have a series of fail records that other people obviously don’t know. The only knowers are our self and the real Knowers, who own our life and all of the creatures, Allah.

As we are given of abundant prosperity, including a billion of second that we equipped to gain our achievement, we need to conceive that time we have is considerable prosperity that we need to keep and admire it, while we are going to older and exhausted absolutely. Even we may achieve our purpose, then the question is what we want to do with our old time. Will our achievement help us to prepare it? Or even, before we will achieve it, we will be stopped and not given more seconds to see tomorrow again, as the end of our life surely clear. We cannot live forever.

No pain no gain. This proverb seems totally right as we are playing likely in a game where will not be a winner before struggling and defeat an enemy or the other competitor. As we may fail again and again, but we are still trying to break the obstructions and becoming the winner. Even some clue and guideline or tutorial will help you to win the competition, and at some point, after failing by an amount of time, you will win as you did never give up. It is the simple analogy that we clearly realize it. But, somehow it still remains challenges for us to find the way and grow a maturity seeing this deceit life, and answering the question of life and our purpose of life as we are just a creature.

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